Farming was responsible for 33% of emissions in Bass Coast in 2019. Given their reliance on our natural environment, our farms are highly exposed to the physical and financial threats associated with climate change. Significant local work has already been undertaken to understand how farmers can best contribute to climate change action and future proof their farms.

Farming communities can:

  • Protect and enhance our natural environment, through planting trees and modifying agricultural practices
  • Adapt to a changing climate – improving resilience to drought, bushfire and environmental issues such as invasive species
  • Collaborate and learn with other local farmers to support sustainable and regenerative agriculture
  • Reduce energy use, switching to zero carbon energy
  • Advocate for stronger climate change action by State and Federal governments

Please review the set of actions and decide which actions are feasible for your farm right now and what actions you can plan for in the future. Preparing your farm for the changing climate can increase productivity, improve the resilience of your business and contribute to a stronger local economy for the benefit of our whole community

Future Farms Video Series

Future Homes and Farms for 2040 is a program of online and in person workshops and video resources is designed to educate, inspire and empower people to make changes to their lifestyle, homes and farms to reduce the impacts of climate change.

The aim is to show how local people are adapting and bring individuals, groups and organisations together, enabling information sharing and building of community resilience so successful, supported adaptation can take place.

The Future Homes and Farms program started back in 2014 with a series of workshops on seasonal topics of interest, designed to help people reduce their impacts and live a little lighter in our world. The series started with funding from Bass Coast Shire Council, which continues today under the Climate Change Action Plan, with additional contributions in 2020 and 2021 from the Victorian Government Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning.

These videos are produced by Bass Coast Landcare Network. Visit BCLN's website for more great resources: