Quick Response Grants

Bass Coast's Quick Response Grants for 2022/23 are now open! Funding of up to $1,000, is available every month or until budget allocation is exhausted. Rounds open the first day of each month (except June) and close on the last Friday of that month.

Community Grants

Bass Coast 's Community Grants Program is open all year. Grant applications are assessed twice a year in March (Round 1) and August (Round 2). Grants are available in amounts up to $10,000, depending on the grant category and application.

Council has allocated an additional $20,000 per round from the total funding pool for projects that support the community to take climate change action. Applicants must identify how the project will contribute to the climate emergency response and the Climate Change Action Plan 2020-2030. Up to $5,000 is available for minor climate action grants, and up to $10,000 for one major project per round.